If students gains 60 study credits in their first study year, they have successfully completed the propaedeutic exam and will receive a propaedeutic diploma.

If due to personal circumstances outlined in the education and exam regulation, the propaedeutic certificate cannot be attained in the first year, deferment of the binding study recommendation may be granted depending on the circumstances in question and the results of the integral assessment. The study recommendation will be postponed until the first semester of the second year, till the end of the second year or may require the student to repeat the entire first year.

During one of the subsequent term review meetings, in accordance with the granted deferment, the attained results and development will be assessed again. If the propaedeutic components are positively assessed, the propaedeutic exam has been successfully completed and the student will receive his/her propaedeutic certificate.

In the above mentioned cases, it can however be decided to issue a negative binding study recommendation if a student’s development is unsatisfactory.
In certain special cases the term review meeting may allow a student to repeat the entire first year. If personal circumstances play no role, this is interpreted as a positive recommendation and a negative binding study recommendation may not be given after it has been completed. 

Negative Binding Study Recommendation (nbsa)
At the end of his/her propaedeutic year every student receives advice regarding the continuation of his/her study. This advice may involve a rejection for an unlimited time. Such a rejection is called a negative binding study recommendation (nbsa). A nbsa is issued if a student’s study results are unsatisfactory and the term review meeting  or exam committee has insufficient confidence that the student will successfully complete the study programme.

Before a negative binding study recommendation is issued, a student receives a written caution from the faculty directorate no later than 1 February of the ongoing academic year. If due to significant deterioration of the study results there is cause for issuing a written caution only after 1 February, this will be delivered no later than 8 weeks prior to the final assessment so that there is still time for improvement.

More information about the exact nbsa regulations and deferment of study recommendation can be found in the OER (Education- and Exam Regulation) of the Academy for Theatre and Dance. This is available for all students on Intranet. Students can also get in touch with student counsellor Timon Hagen regarding this topic: timon.hagen@ahk.nl or please call 020 527 76 37