There is one student counsellor connected with the Academy of Theatre and Dance: Timon Hagen. The student counsellor is the point of contact for students whose study is affected by special or personal circumstances. In the case of illness or family circumstances, for example, the student counsellor will take a look with you to see how a study completion delay can be limited as much as possible. Students with dyslexia, a chronic illness or another functional impairment or disability can discuss how the study programme can be adjusted with the student counsellor. Other possible discussion topics include: doubts about the chosen study programme, questions about financial matters (student finance), wanting to combine two studies, or interrupting or ending your study. Discussions with the student counsellor are confidential. No information will be passed onto third parties without consulting the student.

If you would like to make an appointment with a student counsellor, please send an email to For more information visit the myAHK website