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Entrepreneurship and a 'fair' labour market 
Entrepreneurship education is part of every programme within the academy. Sometimes, as a student or graduate, you only realise at the moment of actual entry into the labour market that you are missing or no longer have certain knowledge and skills available. 
Since a few years, the ATD, as portfolio holder of the quality resource projects 'Development Fair Practice Module' and 'Entrepreneurship', has played an active role in the further development of (additional) entrepreneurship education. The Fair Practice project is an ATD project in which the development and provision of a Fair Practice related module for bachelor education is central. The Entrepreneurship project is an AHK-project, with a great involvement of the ATD, in which extra courses and trainings on the theme of entrepreneurship are offered.

The Fair Practice module 
How do you build an honest working practice? How do you stand up for yourself and others in business?
How do you relate to work situations in which the other person has more power than you and acts across borders? What does inclusion and diversity in your work practice mean and how do you act accordingly? How do you keep yourself mentally healthy in a complex field in which saying 'no' often doesn't feel like an option? How do we make it clearer what we are worth without being defensive?

The Fair Practice module is a program with the goal that you as a student translate your values in relation to the fair practice code into knowledge, attitude and tools that enable a fairer, more professional, more transparent and therefore sustainable career in the labour market. The lessons are derived from the values of the nationally established Fair Practice Code, namely: 'fair chain', 'fair pay' and 'fair share'. These values have been developed for the cultural sector. In addition, two topics have been added. These are 'fair value' (art advocacy) and 'fair time' (how, for example, to stay away from a burn-out). 

The Fair Practice module is a programme that is a good addition to as many courses as possible, but also leaves room for customisation within the curriculum of one's own course. In addition, the module aims to be a connecting link, to facilitate discussion on this subject between study programmes themselves and with other academies, and to serve as a 'laboratory' in which cooperation with one or more study programmes, new lessons or methods can be tried out. 

The Fair Practice module consists of five lessons in which you are prepared to organise an honest working practice for yourself and to be able to create an honest working practice for others. We do this by using the following pillars per subject: 

  1. Theory: Knowledge of the system and topic
  2. Your own vision: Developing your own vision around the topic 
  3. Skills: How to act from your vision. 

In terms of lesson content, we try to prepare you for a complex cultural sector and world. We make the sector itself transparent, give you handles that serve as legitimate arguments in difficult situations and help you develop your own vision. Within the lessons the starting point is not to come to an unambiguous and definitive answer, but to give you insight and tools. With the goal that you can act from your own vision in a changing and more flexible world. In this way we want to offer a sustainable way of education, namely aimed at ensuring that you are not only bathed in it now, but also in a few years' time, no matter how changed the world may be.