Students who have successfully completed certain subjects or components during a previous study or who can show in another way that they have already mastered certain competencies at HBO level, can in some cases qualify for a dispensation for one or more subjects or study components.

Dispensations must be approved by the artistic director of the study programme and in most cases also by the teacher of the relevant subject or study component. If the artistic director and the subject teacher(s) are satisfied that you qualify for a dispensation, they will submit your application for a dispensation to the Exam Committee of the Academy for Theatre and Dance which will decide finally  whether to grant your request.

Artistic directors can request two kinds of dispensations for students:

  1. dispensation for individual study components on the basis of previously mastered competencies
  2. dispensation in connection with an alternative learning track. This applies when a student during his or her study after consultation with his/her artistic director decides to exchange one or more study component(s) for one or more alternative component(s). All dispensations for study components that are not included in the study programme profile or CROHO number (registration number issued by the Central Register for Higher Vocational Education Study Programmes) and fall outside the regular curriculum, must be submitted to the Exam Committee for approval. Subjects that fall outside a student’s own study programme but are a part of his/her profile or CROHO, need only be approved by the artistic directors of both study programmes. It is also important that in such cases, agreements about subjects to be followed and the assessment and conclusion thereof must be set down in writing and added to the student dossier.