The Amsterdam University of the Arts has a Hogeschool Council (HR) and every academy of the university has an Academy Council (AR) and one or more Study Programme Committees (OC). Within the ATD these are organized per domain.
These co-determination councils are the formal organs for students and personnel to discuss policy- related and educational substantive affairs with the Board of Directors and academy directorates. 

Two members per faculty have seats on the HR, one staff member and one student and also one staff member from the service bureau. Members of the HR, AR and OC are elected for a period of three years. 
The AR deals with topics that affect the faculty, the Hogeschool Council takes care of issues that concern the whole school or that are faculty transcending. For more comprehensive information see AR members of the ATD and the Study Programme Committees. The latter are more concerned with educational content.
The councils have rights of consent and consultation, depending on the topic. These rights are stipulated in the medezegenschapsreglement (regulations for co-determination).

For more information see: Medezeggenschap