Dutch National Ballet Academy
Block 1 and 2 / Autumn 2020

Due to the Covid-19 Crisis not all classes as described in the Study Guide Associate Degree Classical Ballet and BA Classical Ballet will be able to take place in their normal way:

  • Classical Ballet will take place in smaller groups. At the beginning of Block 1 there will be a maximum of 12 students per group. Social Distancing is still applicable. The aim is to make sure the students will have their regular Class Teacher for as many classes as possible.
  • Male Technique/Pointes and Solo classes will take place normally, but also in smaller groups
  • As long as socially distancing is still applicable the following classes can not take place in their normal shape: Pas de Deux, Caractère and Repertoire Classes. A stronger focus will be placed on these classes when possible again.
  • Repertoire of Dutch National Ballet will be taught to the girls of AD 1 and BA 2/3, socially distance in Block 1. The focus will be on Snowflakes from The Nutcracker.
  • Pilates, Body Conditioning will remain online classes in Block 1
  • Contemporary will remain online for as long physical contact with the floor is not allowed. Contemporary class might be more project focused that in normal situations
  • On Saturdays there will be five Classical Ballet classes in order to facilitate all groups
  • Dance History will take place from Block 2 and might be more project focused and Online
  • Music History will start Online
  • Dance Reflection / Anatomy will start Online
  • Classes might sometimes take place in evening hours in order for all students to attend

The teaching staff is very aware that some of the competences will be achieved more than others during this adjusted period.
This will always be part of the discussion when coming to a next schedule.

It might therefore be necessary to place more focus on some of the competences once this is possible again in the studio space and therefore schedules might be heavier on certain subjects when measures are released.

We, however, strongly feel that the current program will make sure that all students will be able to achieve all competences as described.

We are also aware of some of the positives of working in smaller class groups, which might also lead to a stronger development of competences in a shorter amount of time for for example variations.