The main phase includes the second and possible third year of the study program. Students are granted admission to the main phase if they have successfully completed the propaedeutic exam or if they are entitled to an extended propaedeutic phase. The goal of the main phase is to train a student to become a classical dancer at a professional level (who has mastered the competences stipulated by the study program). 

The second and third year form the graduation phase. Just as in the first year of the study program, enhancement and refinement of classical techniques are a central issue. This phase of the study is also aimed at effecting a synthesis between technical skills and  stage presentation and emphasizing the further development of a student’s artistry and professionalism.  These are also aspects that are fostered during the internship(s) that students may follow. 

In consultation with the artistic director and study supervisor, students can decide on which direction they want to take and how to fill in certain components of the graduation phase program. This freedom allows students to optimally express their specific qualities and direct their career perspectives. Components in which this self-sufficiency plays an explicit role are the internship and modules undertaken with other dance study programs, possibly abroad. 

During the main phase students follow regular lessons with Dutch National Ballet and its Junior Company and during productions, sometimes perform with the corps de ballet or the Junior Company.