SNDO Stage (the word that is used for internship at the AHK) is intended to provide insight into the connection between the education at SNDO and the professional choreographic field. It offers the student the opportunity of gaining practical experience, of becoming acquainted with the future field of work, and checking the knowledge that has been acquired during the SNDO education for professional practice. During a stage / internship/ work placement period the student can learn how to handle practical side of the choreographic profession. It may serve as an exploration of the desired artistic direction, an orientation on the field and establishing a network of contacts, and as a stepping- stone to paid work after the completed education.

Students are expected to take the initiative to look for a suitable internship in the form of a work placement, or project with help from the SNDO stage coordinator. Furthermore, there are many matters that student needs to look into in advance, relating to finance and insurance.

Students of SNDO will do their stage / work placement within a range of options:

* As a maker, producing (a piece of) work outside the school

* As a performer, participating in a professional production

* As an assistant or observer, with a professional dance company or choreographer * As a teacher, combining an artistic practice with a teaching practice

* As an organizer or producer of a choreographic event or festival

The length of the work placement is for a period of at least 13 weeks and a maximum of 16 weeks between September and December of the respective 4th study year.

The content of the work placement should relate to contents of the choreographic education at SNDO.

The stage period is concluded by a written report, which is an assessed paper and integral part of the graduation trajectory and plan.

The stages are in principle taking place abroad and there is a (limited) AHK Internationalization fund available for students to apply to during the third study year. The internationalization officer for dance departments of the ATD is Maria Ines Villasmil who can be contacted via

Stage coordinator is Jeroen Fabius: