You as student take on a central position in the education we offer. Our teaching stimulates an integral development of your talent and learning capacity. It is not just a question of talent but also mentality and really wanting to succeed.

As student you must be aware of the demands of your future profession and the discipline it requires. It is also important that your artistry is driven by a personal urge and relates to your ability and desire to communicate via the podium arts.

Within our education programme you as student are relatively independent. In addition to what the study programme has to offer, you are free to explore, experiment, gain inspiration, contribute new possibilities and look beyond the confines of your own discipline. You will need to open up to perspectives that might not seem self-evident to you and at the same time gradually become aware of the culturally defined nature of your own ideas and attitudes. Self-knowledge and critical reflection are, in addition to gaining and applying knowledge, indispensable skills for successfully completing your study. A point of reference during assessments is whether you as student can transcend professional competencies and give meaning to your vocation in an individual and independent way.

You learn to develop your own vision and so give meaning to your profession. By working as part of a team, you can compare yourself to others and see how your functioning correlates with a professional context.

In this way the school wants to create a climate in which the development of personal skills goes hand-in-hand with the development of your critical and reflective ability so that as graduate you are capable of influencing and changing existing practice.    

Teachers and students have a mutual responsibility during the educational learning process. The study programme is responsible for the education offered, study possibilities, options, supervision and facilities. You as student are expected to learn by exploring and asking questions. As your study progresses, you must be able to choose wisely from the education offered and take the initiative to steer your own learning process. Through awareness of coherence between different aspects and by discovering your own preferences, you can organize your own learning process and begin to develop self-learning ability. This is important for the future because when you leave school we want you to continue to learn and develop yourself.