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For an important part tests in art education take place on the basis of evaluation and feedback. It is the result of a nuanced procedure aimed at the artistic learning process that you follow as student. During this process periods of growth and development are alternated with periods of reflection and assimilation.  

Depending on the work form, tests can be held in different ways. Most study programmes rarely hold written tests but assess your development instead.
In certain technical and theoretical subjects, learning, practicing, training and tests are closely related. In such cases making (written) assignments, giving presentations or writing a paper are obvious test forms . In many other subjects that focus on presentations and performances, assessment takes place via observation and analysis of the development you have undergone. The rehearsal process before a performance or presentation is a period of training, learning, acting/ dancing, improvisation and rehearsing which is intensively supervised by a teacher who gives continuous feedback on what you do and how you do it. You are told how you could do certain things better or differently. This is how you learn:  by doing, in practice, during the creative process. On stage everything comes together. You are assessed through the continual feedback you receive which  also stimulates you to learn more and explore your potential.