Every year you pay a contribution towards teaching aids. With this money we finance many performances and projects that are staged for a relatively low budget at the academy (but sometimes also on location) which makes our education unique. Your contribution goes mainly towards financing material costs like stage scenery, costumes, theatre rent and rehearsal space, travel- and accommodation costs, publicity expenses, etc. But also photocopying costs for readers compiled by teachers, plays and sheet music (that are often no longer available in the right translation).

Because settling these costs per project, lesson, performance or assignment with the individual student would take too much time and administrative inconvenience, the school has consciously opted for a ‘solidarity principle’ which implies that each student pays the same amount in one go. This guards against students being prevented from taking part in projects, performances, assignments or other important study programme activities because of financial difficulties.

Although the contribution to teaching aids and photocopying costs is formally a voluntary contribution, the academy or the head of the study programme can decide in the event of non-payment, to bar the student in question from taking part in certain projects, performances, lessons or assignments paid for by the contribution to teaching aids. In that case the study programme will make alternative arrangements for the student to prevent study setbacks.