The Academy for Theatre and Dance is managed by one director who is ultimately responsible for the whole organization: both artistic and organizational policy and results.
He has delegated responsibility for the quality and development of education to the artistic directors of the different study programmes. The director is head of the Academy Board and reports periodically to the Board of Directors. He receives support from the Operational Management Team.

The study programmes are divided into three domains: Dance, Theatre and Masters (DAS):   

Dance: National Ballet Academy (NBA), School for New Dance Development (SNDO), Dance Teacher (Docent Dans - DD), Modern Theatre Dance (MTD) and Urban Contemporary (UC) – the two latter study programmes will be combined to form one new study programme: Expanded contemporary dance, that will commence in September 2019 while the old study programmes are phased out.
Theatre: Drama & Contemporary Music Theatre (Amsterdamse Toneelschool & Kleinkunstacademie - ATKA), Mime, Directing (Regie), Theatre in Education (Theaterdocent) (also an abridged variant), Scenography, Design and Technology (D&T), Production & Stage Management (Productie Podiumkunsten - OPP) and the Associate Degree; Technical Production (Technische Productie – AD TP). 

Masters: DAS Theatre, DAS Choreography and DAS Creative Producing. This domain is situated at the DAS Graduate School of which the lectorate Performing Arts In Transition and research is also a part.

At the academy there is a consultation cycle that takes place every four weeks in which three important meetings are held consecutively:

The artistic directors consult with one another in the domains about artistic policy, education policy and daily affairs (sometimes also domain transcending) together with the director and the Dance or Theatre policy officer. If relevant, they will be joined by the artistic directors of the master study programmes or the lector or members of the Operational Management Team. 

The Operational Management Team meets every two weeks and is responsible for the daily running of school affairs. It consists of the heads of departments and staff members who support the director and the artistic directors.

The Academy Board meets once every four weeks and consists of the director, the lector, the head of financial affairs, representatives of the study programmes (two per domain), two representatives of the operational management team and the faculty secretary. The Academy Board decides on policy issues that determine the course of the academy as institute and the context in which it operates.

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The director meets periodically with the directors of the other faculties and the Board of Directors in the Strategic AHK Consultation and with representatives of teachers and students in the co-determination councils: the Academy Council and the Study Programme Committees of each domain.

In addition, he confers regularly with the directors of fellow study programmes in the Netherlands in the Network Theatre and the Network Dance, the consultative body of art teacher training (KVDO) and representatives from the work field (in the Advice Committee).