The audition is the one and only selection exam that allows a candidate to enter the four years Bachelor course in Choreography at the School for New Dance Development (SNDO). To be accepted as a student in the four years Bachelor course in Choreography at the SNDO (School for New Dance Development) the audition candidate must have a positive score on the following criteria:

1) Shows passion and dedication to create performances/ choreographic work
2) Shows curiosity in contemporary art, theater and dance field and their desire to be a part of it
3) Shows the potential of being creative and innovative
4) Shows the ability to embody and express ideas in and through their work
5) Shows the ability to take initiative to create
6) Shows the ability to reflect on the creation
7) Shows the ability to take in information and feedback and to process and use the information


The decision making of accepting a candidate into the SNDO course is made by a board consisting of 7 members
* 2 members represent the (international) working field: 1 artist who has a strong position in the current international professional field of the contemporary dance, performance and/or visual arts. 1 curator, programmer or presenter of a venue/programme that has interest and engages with recent developments within the dance and /or performance filed
* 1 recently graduated SNDO student. This person represents the SNDO students.
* 3 SNDO teachers and
* the SNDO artistic director. Teachers and artistic director represent the SNDO programme and institution.

Teachers and artistic director represent the SNDO programme and institution.

The decision making of accepting a candidate is based on
1) the selection criteria that are handed out & explained to all board members by the artistic director.
2) observing the candidates in the classes, presentations and interview during the audition by the board members
3) discussion in the board
4) a voting in the board

The discussion of the board is moderated by the artistic director of the SNDO. The board members attend all classes of the audition.
In the final meeting there will be a voting on every candidate. Every board member can vote by giving a + or a – to a candidate. Every board member has one vote on every candidate. The artistic director of the SNDO has two votes on every candidate.
The audition programme is based on three audition days, normally in March. The programme consists of the following ingredients:

Days 1 & 2: On the first two days the candidate will participate in:

  • A technical class (West African classical dance, Contemporary technique);
  • A movement research class;
  • The candidate will present a 3 minutes prepared solo;

Their solo has to be created and performed by the candidate and shows the candidates view on dance, their ability to perform and to communicate ideas through dance to an audience. The solo has a duration of 3 minutes; The candidate will be interviewed by a board member during 15 minutes. At the end of the second day a first selection will be made.Only 30 candidates will be invited to stay for the third day. The selection cannot be discussed.

Day 3: On the third day the candidate will participate in:

  • A warming up and improvisation class with a SNDO graduate;
  • An assignment to make and present a group piece of 10 minutes.

Announcement of selection results
Within one week after the audition ONLY the candidates who were invited to the third audition day will get an e-mail that will inform them about the selection decision. The e-mail will give a short motivation to the decision. The decision cannot be discussed. The report of the board discussion in the decision meeting is not public