Naam docent/begeleider: 
Liat Waysbort, Roos van Berkel

Periode, duur:
Blok 2, 2 weken, 27 uur

9 meetings of 3 contact hours

Bijdrage aan de competenties:

  1. Creative Potential
  2. Craftmanship
  3. Reflective and investigative abilities
  4. Potential for Growth and innovation
  5. Communicative ability

Korte samenvatting van de inhoud 
In this course we are intertwining laban methodology with creativity and creative resources. The students are demanded to use former knowledge (usually they have met Laban analysis before we have started) in order to be able to investigate and re-search their creative domain.

In the course we give them skills and exercises to empower their vocabulary and being able to give words and description to what, where and how various elements and tools affect and has impact on their creative universe. Further, the students are responsible tot o a self-reflective mode in order to understand and explain what have they done and which journey they took in those 2 weeks.

Concrete leerdoelen 
De student:

  1. Dance-sing-talk-draw
  2. Is capable of approaching material from a creative perspective, able of analyzing material (physical) in relation to space, time, dominance, modes, qualities and delivering message.
  3. Has self reflection  and are able to produce a coherent set of physical-body of material that engages with the shared  information.

Gebruikte werkvorm(en):
Tasks, assignments, group and individual, instruction, presentation

Wijze van beoordelen:
Students are requested to choose 6 video’s of which they find the most interesting or attractive and ones that are not their preferable work.
Placing information and experiences on google drive.
Finding inspiration outside of classroom and studio.

I, 1,22.
II 3,4.
III 2,3.
IV 1,2.
VI 2

Content information:

  • Warming up building a body awareness , improvising with various tasks of quality, space, spees, textures etc.
  • Creating a time line and placing all the material on the timeline between 0 = Least  likable to 100 = most likable.
  • During the whole course placing information on the timeline and see how ideas, thoughts and habits are influencing one another and how do we shift our perception and possibilities while practicing. I.E: the spaces between 0 and 100 are filled up and the polarity is a helpful tool to build material. Meeting the unknown and less familiar allows the parameters to shift and change.
  • Give words to the tools we are working wit hand connect to Laban movement analyze to create clarity and commitment to what has been created.
  • tasks that helps to convey creativity as a starting point; theme, spatial awareness, imigry, etc.
  • Writing feedback to one another and exchanging it
  • Diverting the physical informative experience to a drawing.
  • Showings in solos / groups.
  • The 3 word-feedback sessions