The professional dance and performance work fields are changing rapidly. Established repertory companies are either evolving or disappearing, while new companies and temporary projects draw their influences from an ever- expanding pool of styles, art forms and cultural ‘worlds’. Borders between social and theatrical dance, commercial and artistic sectors, individual authors and collective ownerships are being tested anew.

During their education at Expanded Contemporary Dance, the students will have the opportunity to get acquainted with latest artistic ideas, working processes as well as create professional networks through the combination of self-directed projects, workshops, and creations with professional artists.

The students will gain skills, insights, and confidence allowing them to craft their own practice and create opportunities for themselves in this varied and complex professional field. This will open possibilities for work in companies, in project-based work or as a freelance performing artist in diverse forms of stage and performance situations that today’s contemporary dance might encompass (including site specific works, film, museum performances, interdisciplinary theatre, battle and club scene, commercial work etc.)

However, the development of each individual student within the education, as well as the kind of professional path they venture on upon graduation, will depend strongly on their personal motivation, dedication and resourcefulness.