The higher vocational  phase (Bachelor Program) leads on completion to a Bachelor of the Arts Degree. The Bachelor Program of the Dutch National Ballet Academy consists of a propaedeutic phase of one year and a main phase lasting up to three years. On the basis of an intensive preparatory course, most students are granted a dispensation of one Bachelor year. A condition for graduation is that a student has passed all theory subjects and mastered the required competences. Considering the intensity of the study program, only a limited number of extramural activities will be permitted (involving dance or otherwise) and then only after close consultation – and with permission of – the artistic director. Education given at the Dutch National Ballet Academy is for a greater part practical instruction. Students work continually on the development of dance skills especially those of classical dance. The study program is designed to enable students to learn to function more and more independently so that during their internship year they can gradually make the transition from student dancer to professional performer.