The SNDO study guide states the program components and courses as conceived in outside-pandemic condition and planned to be offered in 2020-2021 academic year.

When pandemic measures and regulations around it dictate, as stipulated by the Dutch government and appropriate higher education bodies, the programs are translated into versions which are possible, reasonable and providing the students with acquiring the competences as outlined in the Study Guide.

This means that any course at any point in time, related to Covid-19 pandemic measures, can and will be moved partly or fully online and/or be altered in its structure to allow for optimal engagement and student development under those conditions.

The physical studios and venues – as named in the study guide – are subject to pandemic measures availability. These can be exchanged for other venues or online platforms providing that learning to translate the concepts into physical or online apparatus is offered to students.

When possible and appropriate parts of the curriculum may be swapped with other parts if that provides for more optimal program and acquiring of competences under the pandemic measures.

Amsterdam, July 2020.