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Study guide


The course is taught in English. Students are encouraged to learn some Dutch. As part of the introduction weeks the students  are taken on a field trip around Amsterdam with the intention to give them insight into the beautiful and historic city of Amsterdam.

Structure academic year 
The academic year comprises 40 weeks. During the initial two training weeks, at the start of the school year, there are technique classes as well as classes covering more general topics such as dance & health. For each course year a calendar is made including the dates of the presentations and performances, workshops, exams etc. 

Study load 
The study load of the program amounts to about 40 hours a week on average; it consists of group instruction and self-study hours when the student is expected to study independently. The Dutch National Ballet Academy tries to divide the study load as evenly as possible over the course of the study year. However, an increased study load can temporarily occur, especially during performance periods. The study load during an internship also depends on the dance company to which the student has been posted and the task assigned to him there. Students may be asked to perform during school holidays. 

Instruction hours 
In general school days can start at 08.30 AM and finish at 6 PM with regular breaks. Often students are required to attend performances or take part in rehearsals and presentation in the evenings and/or weekends.