Final exam (Bachelor students only) 
If a graduation student has obtained his 240 study credits and fulfils all the demands stipulated in the graduation agreement he qualifies for a diploma. The study is concluded with an interview between the artistic director, one or more teachers (together forming the exam commission) and the student. If possible, the dance company internship counsellor or another external counsellor or guest teacher will also be invited to participate in the interview. Subjects that may be discussed are: 

  •  compliance with the arrangements in the graduation agreement relating to those set down in the graduation plan; 
  •  the student’s development during the study course (related in part to the internship report and the graduation plan); 
  •  the student’s achievement standard (in relation to the competencies and the standard in the professional work field); 
  •  the student’s future plans and expectations 

Final exam ( Guest students)
Guest students will participate in the same final exam as bachelor Students, however they will not receive a (graded) report. They will be given written and oral feedback. Participation in the Final Exam by Guest students can never lead to the receiving of a Bachelor of Arts Diploma, Propaedeutic Diploma and/or the awarding of any type of credit. 

Resitting the final exam (Bachelor students only) 
If one or more study components has not been successfully completed, the committee of examiners / evaluation meeting decides on a re-examination or an extension of the graduation phase and also determines what such a re-examination or extension will constitute. Resitting the final exam or an extension of the study program are both granted once only and must be completed and evaluated within one year. 
More information about resitting the final exam can be found in the OER (Onderwijs- en Examenregeling) Education and Exam Regulations of Academy of Theatre and Dance, available to students on intranet. For further questions students can also contact  the student counselor: or 020 - 527 76 37