Choreography occupies the main portion of the programme curriculum. In actuality all components of the four-year course are implemented in order for students to develop their own understanding, approach and choreographic practice as an expanded practice which is in dialogue with other disciplines (performance, visual arts, expanded cinema, critical theory, etc.) and contemporary cultures. For the clarity of organization of courses this cluster carries an explicit label Choreography. These courses occupy afternoons in the first and second study year or full week(s) workshop format throughout.

Concept Development, Basic Composition and Choreography/Choreographic Tools are given by teachers/guest artists such as Ria Higler, Jeroen Fabius, Bruno Listopad, Noha Ramadan, Quinsy Gario, Andrea Zavala Folache, Katie Duck, Aitana Cordero, Joy Mariama Smith, etc.

At SNDO choreography is primarily studied through own creations but also occasionally through the creation workshop of a guest artist where students are exploring a particular choreographic approach through performing in it. Maria Hassabi, Marten Spangberg, Rodrigo Sobarzo, keyon gaskin, Michele Rizzo and Isabel Lewis held this workshop in recent years. 

Through AIR- Artist in Residence programme of the Amsterdam University of the arts SNDO is able to invite to teach prominent choreographers, artists, thinkers such as a.o.: Debora Hay, Steve Paxton, Hisako Horikawa, Quinsy Gario, Daniel Blanga Gubbay or Angela Davis.