The Bachelor of Dance (BA), with an endorsement in Lecturer Classical Ballet, is linked to the current Associate Degree Performing Dancer Classical Ballet of the NBA, or can be followed after a dance career in the context of “Life Long Learning”. A prior education in classical technique is a requirement for everyone, which means that the BA Performing Dancer with Note in Teacher of Classical Ballet can be achieved within a year.

The training will start in the 2022-23 school year, adding an important new opportunity for classically trained dancers and novice dance teachers to develop into classical ballet teachers, a specific position within the classical field that is in great need. In addition to the already existing and broad Dance Instructor course, which focuses on multiple dance styles and the field of work within and outside the classroom, the BA of the NBA offers people who want to teach within the classical ballet courses, with a company or at a dance school where classical ballet is taught. is taught, the opportunity to study according to the new NBA model. They therefore focus exclusively on teaching classical ballet technique.