The final phase of the education program is the graduation phase, which comprises the second semester of the second year. Prior to admission to the graduation phase, the student receives the 'green light' from the assessment meeting. The green light indicates that the student is eligible for graduation based on previous and expected developments.

In addition to the student's development and credits from the first year of study, the Examination Board examines the student's graduation plan. The graduation plan is written by the student, drawn up in consultation with the artistic director or supervisor. The graduation plan is aimed at completing the study content as optimally as possible. The focus is on 'what do I still want to learn in the last part of my study and how am I going to approach that?

The graduation plan is the central reference point for the graduation assessment. The NBA curriculum does not end with one graduation project. Although we do describe the students' final work as a "graduation project" and students complete a graduation assignment, the NBA graduation is the sum of all parts of the graduation phase, each of which must be assessed at a minimum as evidence of the required development.

Graduation is concluded with a meeting with the artistic director, the classical ballet teacher and the teacher. The topics discussed are:

the development of the student during the training
the standard that the student has reached (with regard to the graduation plan and the competences)
the student's own plans and expectations for the future.