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Mission Statement for the Academy for Theatre and Dance

If we trust that art matters
At our school we share the belief that art matters. Art is about imagination, curiosity, beauty and consolation. Without imagination it’s hard to evolve and empathize with others. Imagination is what makes us special and life worthwhile.

If we can learn from everyone  
We believe you can learn from everyone: from the world, from each other and from teachers. And we also learn from you. The world and the art that you as student bring to the academy is the departure point for a dialogue. Together we will shape the theatre of the 21st century.

If we think artists contribute to shape the world
We believe that artists contribute something essential to our world. It doesn’t have to be societal or political; it can also be aesthetic, poetic or emotional. It’s no good standing still; you have to look to the future because that is what art is about. It’s what we also ask of our students and teachers.  

How will we act?
The most important question you need to answer during your study is: as an artist what am I going to do? What kind of impact can I have on the world? What sort of theatre should I create? Because art is more than tradition, it’s about the future. And you are the future!

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