Artist in Residency Programme
From 2019 till 2021, BA programmes Expanded Contemporary Dance, Modern Theatre Dance and Urban Contemporary (JMD), will jointly  run the Artist in Residence Programme (AIR) Training the Future: Context, Difference and Awareness in Dance Education.

The AIR programme spans over two years and across five separate AIR events with distinct yet interconnected topics questioning the future of contemporary dance and dancer’s education. The entire student body and teachers from the three dance departments will participate in all five week- long encounters with a combination of formats: classes, workshops, discussions, lectures, student-led projects and performances. Several guests are invited for each encounter, with some recurring guests throughout the crossover period.

Guests for the first session were: Shailesh Bahoran, Drosha Grekhov, Judith Sánchez Ruíz, Calixto Neto, John Agesilas, Saâdia Sooyah, Mariem Guellouz, and Teana Boston-Mammah.

Guests for the second session: Bertha Bermudez, Benji Hart. Romain Bigé & Antonija Livingstone.

ECD is currently developing a program in co-operation with the Amsterdam-based Why Not Platform for Contemporary Dance and Performance and the eponymous Festival.

ECD is currently developing an artistic and educational co-operation with the Utrecht-based Dox, house for young makers and performers.