Naam docent/begeleider: 

Guest choreographer connected to contemporary classes



duur block 3+5, 6 weeks, 4/5 meetings of 3 to 4 hours



15/20 hours per week contact time 


Bijdrage aan de competenties: 

Creative potential


Investigative and reflective abilities

Entrepreneurial and organisational ability




Korte samenvatting van de inhoud: 

With a guest choreographer working on a new creation as a co-creator based on the concept, theme, and idea’s from the choreographer, developping material for the new choreography.


Concrete leerdoelen: 

The student

1. Is able to create dance/movement material based on the given tasks from the choreographer

2. Is able to collaborate with the choreographer, dance colleagues and repetitor  

3. Is able to communicate constructively with the choreographer, dance colleagues and repetitor about the content, context and material of the choreography

4. Shows the ability to learn dance/movement material from either the choreographer and/or dance colleagues and adapt it within the own performance role

5. Is able to apply and connect his/her knowledge learned from the different subjects during the first year within the creation 

6. Is able to work with a diversity of qualities, dynamics and intention in time and space.

7. Is able to execute and dance the choreography in consideration of the theme and concept given by the choreographer.

8. Is able to create a beginning of an own performance personality


Gebruikte werkvorm(en): 

Tasks and assignments, training, instructions, performance 


Gebruikt studiemateriaal:

Research material related tot he specific theme and context of the performance


Wijze van beoordeling:  

permanent feedback during process and the performances followed by a written feedback on process and performance



Creative potential, 1,2,4

Craftmanship, 1,2,5

Investigative and reflective abilities, 1,2,3,4

Entrepreneurial and organisational ability 2,3,4,5

Communicative ability 2

Collaborative ability 1,2,3,4



This subject is related to creation and performance, and will develop further and get deepened through working with guest choreographers during intensive workshops, creation processes, masterclasses and is relevant for internships and professional contracts. It is the subject in which all subjects can/will contribute towards becoming a professional dance performer and artist