Naam docent/begeleider:

John Taylor


Periode, duur:

Year 2, Block 2, 30 sessions @ 1.5 hours (6 weeks)



60 contact hours


Bijdrage aan de competenties:

1. Creative potential, 

2. Craftsmanship

3. Investigative and reflective abilities

4. Potential for growth and innovation

5. Entrepreneurial and organisational ability

6. Communicative ability


Korte samenvatting van de inhoud:

In this class we explore how the concept of partnerwork illuminates our understanding of the principles that support and define our technique. How dancing together influences and changes the way we use our bodies.


Concrete leerdoelen:


1. …understand how the use of the  internal, social and external focusses changes the way we move in response to dancing with a partner.

2. …can reflect through a process of thinking, feeling, and doing to make sense at a personal embodied level of abstract principles of movement.

3. …understand the added value of dancing with a partner in the developmental and creative process.


Gebruikte werkvorm(en): 

teaching based on principles, hands-on partnerwork, group improvisation, journal, setting personal goals, improvisation as a research tool


Gebruikt studiemateriaal:



Wijze van beoordeling:

participation, developmental process, presentation, collaboration



1. Creative potential 1, 2, 3, 4

2. Craftsmanship 1, 3

3. Investigative and reflective abilities 1, 2, 3, 4

4. Potential for growth and innovation 1, 2

6. Communicative ability 1. 2



This course is in close collaboration with the partnerwork classes and the duet creative process during the same period.