The Dutch professional dance field (in particular that of Amsterdam) attracts dancers and choreographers from all over the world. The Modern Theatre Dance study programme caters to students and teachers from the Netherlands and abroad. The study programme maintains a dynamic relationship with the international work field, especially with regard to guest teachers and internships.

Teachers at the study programme are all active in the professional field. This insures that the study programme is up-to-date on developments in the dance world and also facilitates the progression of students to professional ensembles. Contemporary choreographers are regularly invited to work with students from different year groups of the study programme. The students perform existing repertoire of guest choreographers but also new work that is specially created for them.

The study programme maintains close contacts with many choreographers and ensembles including: Emio Greco, Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, Leine & Roebana, Club Guy & Roni, Conny Janssen, Nicole Beutler, Keren Levi, Liat T. Waysbort, Ivgi&Greben, Tanz Mainz and Cullberg Ballet, Dansmakers, Jan Martens, Ann vd Broek