Name of teacher / supervisor
Det Rijven

Period, duration
Block 1 & block 3

Study load

3, 4, 5

This course introduces the new students to the education (program, rules, objectives) and helps the students to work in a conscious way in relation to their study and  the process of becoming a dancer. The coach works on creating an open and inviting atmosphere among the students in order to achieve active participation in the course with listening and respect for classmates, teachers and other workers at school. The meeting is a place where topical items can be discussed in a safe environment. The coach gives information about what is expected from the students within the program and  support to students in  developing and creating a  network. They will be encouraged to listen, speak, ask, write and communicate.

Content and design of the class
The course takes the form of group meetings in which several items of the education (see under learning goals) will be explained and discussed. Different relevant subjects get attention during the year, such as view on dance, objectives and competencies, how to write a CV, and how to write an application letter. Guests are invited to share  their experiences and views on the education, dance and a dancer’s life style. The students are always encouraged to take an active part.

Learning goals
-    Knowledge and understanding of:
•    Curriculum of the 1st year
•    Rules of the education
•    Evaluation and assessment
•    Vision on dance
•    Objectives and competencies of the education
•    Writing a CV
•    Writing a paper
-    Getting to know and respect one another’s background and motivation.
-    Expressing ideas, views.
-    Starting to develop a  network

Working method(s) used
Group meetings, assignments, written feedback

Used study material
Texts, discussion

Assessment criteria
Attendance and participation, fulfilling some written assignments Complete report about an interview in understandable  English or Dutch. Meeting the learning goals through these exercises.

Method of assessment
Talks, discussion,  a short interview and small assignments in class for Study Coaching. Assignment for Preparation for the  Work Field: CV, paper.

Learning goals in the class contribute to the overall development of the competency indicators
3.2, 3.3, 3.5; 4.2, 4.4; 5.2, 5.3

The overall development of the student is assessed at integral assessment meetings, twice a year, through combined self-assessment and assessment by teachers, coaches and mentors.