Dance supportive training consists of the following components: Pilates & Floor Barre, Body 
Conditioning, strength training for boys, drama and improvisation. Pilates lessons are focused on using muscles efficiently and obtaining correct posture by using specific exercises. These lessons aim to increase a dance student’s body consciousness and efficient use of the body. The purpose of Body Conditioning classes is to boost the general fitness of the student and build up stamina and muscle power. 

Dance improvisation seeks to develop the stage personality and the personal dance idiom. Being aware of composition in time and space, learning to look at and analyse each other’s work, understanding how to give and receive feedback, employing elements of play and using the voice, all help to expand expressive capabilities and contribute to the development of a personal ‘theatre personality’. 

The teacher decides on how best to realize a methodical arrangement of the subject matter. Instruction is given in groups. Work forms used by the teacher are demonstration, instruction, analysis, personal guidance, rehearsal and presentation.  

There are no tests for the dance supportive subjects but progress made during Pilates lessons and physical fitness training will be evaluated by the teachers in question. The achievements of the student will be discussed during the evaluation meetings in December and Spring/Summer. Students are obliged to attend these lessons.