The graduate of Expanded Contemporary Dance is able to function as an autonomous professional within the broad field of contemporary dance:  

Because of their technical, improvisational, compositional, performative skills the ECD graduate can execute choreographic material with precision, create material, shape a role and fulfil an artistic vision in a creation process in a variety of performance contexts.  

Because of their creative and reflective abilities, they contribute constructively to the realisation of an artistic process or product or and to an inspiring working environment in intercultural contexts. 

They are able to develop their own practice, style and vision as dancers.  

They have an investigative attitude and can undertake (practice-oriented) research. 

They are able to analyse and position their personal artistic development and their dance practice in relation to an artistic, social, (inter)cultural context. 

Whenever possible, through their professional commitments they seek to contribute to diversifying the choreographic canon. 

They are caring and respectful towards themselves and others in their way of working. They commit to the values of Fair Practice and Social safety and thereby contribute to the improvements of their professional field. 

They can effectively shape their ambitions, set and realise their goals, create professional opportunities and sustain themselves in an (inter)national work field. 

During their education at Expanded Contemporary Dance, students have the opportunity to get acquainted with the latest artistic ideas and developments and gain insight into the performing arts landscape.They benefit from school’s network of partners through which they create important relations with professional artists and institutions. 

The programme opens the possibilities for work in companies, in project-based work or as a freelance performing artist in diverse forms of stage and performance situations that today’s contemporary dance might encompass (including site specific works, film, museum performances, interdisciplinary theatre, battle and club scene, commercial work, artistic research, collaborative and collective initiatives etc.) 

However, the development of each individual student within the education, as in their professional ventures  upon graduation, will depend strongly on their personal motivation, dedication and resourcefulness.