Specialisation: Year 3
Entering the second phase in the year 3, students should be ready for an experience that reflects more closely what they will encounter in the workfield and be able to make personal choices for their training programme which is entering a phase of specialisation. They commit to a smaller range of daily technique classes relevant to their artistic goals. Through consultation with the artistic director and their coach they choose intensives and workshops that they will attend. This they do next to their daily dance, performance classes, and regular theoretical courses, In this way they make a personalised learning path through which they can further hone specific dance and performing skills and partake in current artistic practices and topical discussions in which they are interested.

They will also participate in three creation processes which will expand their creative and stage experience: – a self-organised student festival, one interdisciplinary creation in collaboration with WHY NOT festival, and one creation of new work by a guest choreographer.

Third year projects, accompanied by theoretical modules also orient and train students in regards to the business side of the dance profession, i.e. production process, contracts, subsidy and publicity. The third year is thus focused on a student’s personal personalised orientation towards professional practice and their own individual artistic development through increased independence and self-responsibility.