Course Description Subject:
Improvisation  - MTD 3

Naam docent;    
Guest teacher

Periode, duur    
Block 2, 5 weeks

3 times 2 hours per week, 30 hours

Bijdrage aan de competenties,
1.  Creative potential,  
2. Craftmanship,
3. Investigative and reflective abilities,        
4. Potential of growth and innovation
5. Entrepreneurial and organisational ability,
6. Communicative  
7. Collaborative

Korte samenvatting van de inhoud    
Aims to direct the student towards a professional level for dance practice, auditions and performance. Contains exercises for integrating presence with their dance technique. Exercises range from set structures placed in space to improvisation sessions placed in constellations. Offers tools and methods for instant composition, improvisation in relation with life music. Working as an ensemble and individual.

Concrete leerdoelen
The student:

  • Can make choices in the moment related to the actual situation in space, time and others
  • Able to relate to the other dancers, space and the music Is able to interact with internal and external impulses Can improvise with different elements like dance, music and text
  • Is present in the moment and in performance

Gebruikte werkvorm(en)    
Small and big groups, individual, present and (peer)feedback.

Gebruikt studiemateriaal (vakliteratuur, cases, opdrachten, video’s etc.)
Bringing in by the guest teacher     

Wijze van beoordeling:
Performativity, participation, collaboration, reflection and analyses, choice making and innovation

1.     Creative potential, 1,2,3,4,5
2.    Craftmanship,  1,3,4,5
3.    Investigative and reflective abilities, 1,2,3,4
4.    Potential of growth and innovation 1,2
6.    Communicative  1,2
7.    Collaborative 2,3,4