Naam docent/begeleider
Guest choreographers

Periode, duur
Block 3+ 5,  6/7 weeks 5 x per week 90 min. (30 classes in total)

31,5 contact hours in totaal

Bijdrage aan de competenties
Creative potential
Investigative and reflective abilities
Potential to grow and innovation
Communicative ability
Collaborative ability

Korte samenvatting van de inhoud
Contemporary dance in relation to a new creation: A guest invited to work with the students and create a piece for either Midterm or Bold in Motion performances: in which the dancers get drowned in to work with the specific material and practice of a choreographer /teacher

Concrete leerdoelen:
De student: able to work with the proposed movement vocabulary
2.can adapt and embody dance phrases given by the guest teacher
3.shows an open and active presence while dancing  phrases able to apply the different levels  and layers of the movement that are proposed
5.shows an understanding of his/her body in relation to movement, quality and dynamic and his/her performance able to work with  different attentionpoints while dancing

Gebruikte werkvorm(en)
assignments and tasks chosen by the guestchoreogrpaher/teacher

Gebruikt studiemateriaal

Wijze van beoordeling:
attendence, participation, permanent feedback, presentation, evaluation which will happen in relation with the creative process.

I, 1,2,3,4;
II, 1,2,3,4;
III, 1,2,3,4;
IV 1,2;
VI, 2;
VII1,2,4 1,2

This is part of the subject Contemporary dance and creation process, will be continued with other (guest) teachers