Naam docent/begeleider: 
Gideon Poirier

Periode, duur: 
4 days per week, 5 blocks per yr

Studiebelasting totaal: 
6 Hours per week, 5 blocks per yr

Bijdrage aan de competenties:

  1. 1-4,
  2. 1-6,
  3. 1-3,
  4. 1-3,
  5. 1-4,
  6. 1-4,
  7. 1-4.

Korte samenvatting van de inhoud: 
This class stresses the awareness of the body is space:
Extension/elongation, folding/unfolding and use of weight to move and project into the space. Organization of the individuals body will be stresses, not adhering to an abstract image, but connecting and working with the students present body and capabilities. The body as a 3-dimension organism in space, connecting to the musical timing, rhythm. Personal development: Is the dancer developing systematic tools in order to prioritize, organize and perform complex movement patterns?

Concrete leerdoelen: 
De student:

  • is expected to have developed and improved upon the basic stills acquired from the previous year.
  • has extended the basic knowledge of ballet vocabulary and awareness of the body in space through the sensibilities of a contemporary dancer and the principles that are included.
  • is expected to have experienced and practiced all elements that could potentially be included in an audition process.
  • is expected to have developed (or have made steps in developing) into a responsible individual that is able to organize, modify and perform complex movement material without anxiety or stress.

Gebruikte werkvorm(en): 
Group lessons 

Gebruikt studiemateriaal: 
Group instruction, In class discussion, private coaching

Wijze van beoordeling: 
Presentation classes evaluated by MTD staff teachers. Individual assessment based on MTD competencies by head instructor.

Participation, Collaboration, Physical development, Problem solving development 

The students entering the second year of study must have completed the first year ballet level or the equivalent of. The dancers are encouraged to use the experiences and information gathered from the previous year as they approach the movement.