Naam docent/begeleider:
Lobke Mienis

Periode, duur 
MTD 1, 24 weeks, 1 class 90 minutes

1,5 hour per week contact + 1 hour selfstudy

Bijdrage aan de competenties: 
Investigative and reflective abilities

Korte samenvatting van de inhoud 
Experiential anatomy classes are a part of the program that will help you develop the knowledge and tools to be able to make informed decisions in your training practice and performance.  You will gain knowledge and insight in relation to dance about: 

  • the musculoskeletal systeem, warming up and cooling down, stretching, training principles, tissue damage and repair, common injuries, rest.
  • Biomechanics and quality of movement of foot/ankle, knee, hip/turn out, trunk/center, arm movement.
  • Learning to observe and analyse posture and movement. 
  • These classes are a part of the education that will prepare you to become an  independent and healthy dancer.

Concrete leerdoelen 
The student:

  • Is familiar with anatomical terminology.
  • has basic knowledge of anatomy and injury prevention. 
  • can transfer the theoretical knowledge into practical knowledge.
  • has more insight in/knowledge about their own posture/alignment, movement patterns and how this affects their body, training and performance.
  • Develops skills in observation and analysis of posture and movement.
  • has basic knowledge of training principles.
  • Is able to explain the best ways to prevent common injuries.
  • has more insight in/knowledge to respond to injuries in a sensible, safe and effective manner.
  • has more insight in and knowledge to tailor their training when being injured.
  • will develop the knowledge and tools to be able to make informed decisions in their training practice and performance.

Gebruikte werkvorm(en)
Report, Theory Test, oral/skill test., peer feedback, reflection and analysis.

Gebruikt studiemateriaal (vakliteratuur, cases, opdrachten, video’s etc.)
Anatomy and injuries, autor Ted Willemsen + aanvullende pdf’s.
The visible body: 3D (digitaal) anatomie atlas.

Wijze van beoordeling: 
Sufficient mark for all the assignments and test, participation,

Participation, Development in anatomical and kinesiological insight and knowledge. Development in analysis of posture and movement. Development transfer the theoretical knowledge into practical knowledge/use

Direct transfer of theory to practical use in the classes. Among other things using students own bodies/movements and movement material from other classes. Feedback from other teachers.
Vakoverstijgende opdrachten > connection with other classes/performance.
Alexander/Feldenkrais/Fysieke Fitheid/Technique classes