An obligatory part in the graduation phase is an internship of at least 13 weeks with a dance company and / or an ad hoc production. The internship consists of participating in a professional production and dancing in a series of performances. Characteristic of an internship is that students work and learn independently while active in professional practice, but always under the guidance of the study programme and a mentor from the institute providing the internship. It is important that the student is supervised in both their work and learning moments. The student is personally responsible for obtaining an internship placement which takes place via auditions. On obtaining an internship posting, the student and the institution in question sign an agreement.

Preparation for the internship begins in the third academic year with an introductory course and a module on the business aspects of being a professional dance artist. It deals with subjects like contracts, producers, subsidy applications and publicity. The premise is that dance students benefit greatly from receiving information at an early stage about these matters since up-to-date knowledge is increasingly important for dancers active in professional practice. During orientation on the business aspects of their future profession, students are introduced to the site, the digital source of information for young professionals at the AHK. A student can complete their internship in different ways. They can pursue one long or several short internships. It is also possible to follow an exchange programme with a dance ensemble in the Netherlands or abroad.

An internship agreement entered into by the student, the study programme and the institution providing the internship, lists the mutual obligations, the content of the internship and the criteria on the basis of which the student’s internship is assessed and concluded.

At the end of the internship, the student writes a report that is assessed by the internship supervisor. If possible, students give a presentation to share their internship experiences with junior students.