Name of teacher / supervisor
John Taylor

Period, duration
Block 1, Week 45-46

Study load

1, 3

Yoga is an experiential and reflective movement form developed from Hindu and Taoist movement practices aimed towards preparing the holistic self for openness and stillness. Gert van Leeuwen is a Dutch yoga teacher who created a stream called critical alignment yoga, which focusses on a return to the natural body alignment through the mobilisation of the spine and the activation of non-conscious anatomical reflexes and muscle groups. The practice is built up through relaxation, mobilisation and movement. Paul Grilley is an American Yin Yoga teacher who created a stream called functional Yoga, which recognises the variation in the human body that predicates the development of a personal practice focused around the experience of each person’s own anatomy.

Content and design of the class
Each class begins with relaxation and mobilisation of the spine. A focus on different parts of the spine will allow the students to explore various asanas through preparatory exercises, yin practice and yang flow combinations. Meditation will be incorporated into practice as a method to become aware of the body as a whole in stillness.

Learning goals
The student becomes aware of their habitual patterns.
The student learns methods to release layers of superficial movement muscle to allow the postural muscles to do their work.
The student can take action to mobilise and gain a better awareness of the spine especially where their personal preference inhibits movement in a part of the spine.
The student understands how the mobilised anatomy of the body allows gravity to pass movement through the body.
The student learns how to gently stress the fascia and connective tissue in the body to promote its health working and freedom of movement through a yin practice.
The student learns to build strength and stamina through alignment, mobility and breath in a yang flow practice.
The student practices meditation to encourage a holistic image of themselves.

Working method(s) used
Group classes with hands on facilitation. Discussion and Group reflection. Personal process document.

Used study material
excerpts from: Yin Yoga Principles & Practice – Paul Grilley Yoga critical alignment – Gert van Leeuwen

Assessment criteria
Students are assessed in regards to the class learning goals and their personal development trajectory. Participation and attendance are primary to the process.

Method of assessment
Self-assessment through a process document. Continuous feedback and feedforward from the teacher.

Learning goals in the class contribute to the overall development of the competency indicators 1.1 1.6 1.8  3.1 3.3

The overall development of the student is assessed at integral assessment meetings, twice a year, through combined self-assessment and assessment by teachers, coaches and mentors.