Graduation plan 
Preparation for the graduation phase begins at the end of the first year. This results during the course of the second year in a graduation plan that the student draws up in consultation with the artistic director. In this plan the student gives well-founded motivation for what he intends to work on during this period. The graduation plan is based on several points: special interests that have surfaced during his prior assessments and the student’s own career perspective and possible development of his specialties. The graduation plan includes: choosing a work placement, the student’s interpretation of his role therein and the performances. The student will also participate in and study components he plans to follow possibly from other study courses. 

Graduation agreement 
At the start of the second or third year, a graduation agreement is drawn up. This occurs on the basis of consultation between the student and the artistic director, and depends on the progress the student has made in relation to his graduation plan and career perspective. The graduation agreement is binding and will be drawn up by the artistic director and countersigned by the student. The graduation agreement contractually stipulates what obligations the student must still fulfill in order to receive his diploma. The study program is concluded with a graduation interview. 

To obtain the diploma, the student must pass all study components included in the graduation agreement. It is assumed that the student has attained all necessary study credits, also in the case of study components from previous years. Central to the interview is the student’s development during the study program, his achievement standard (in relation to the competencies) and his future plans and expectations. Present at the interview will be the student, the artistic director, one or more teachers and possibly an external advisor. At the end of the interview the student will receive the diploma Bachelor of Arts.