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The basis of high-quality education lies with those who teach it. The teachers of the Dutch National Ballet Academy have all built up a considerable reputation in professional practice. The directorate endeavours to put together a teaching staff consisting of an exciting mix of very experienced instructors and young, talented dance teachers, so that new perceptions of classical dance are also included in the curriculum. Regular meetings contribute to a good coordination and interaction between the different teachers. A core team supports the artistic director with daily procedures. Click here to read more about the Classical Team Teachers (Bachelor Students)

Coordinator Lower School
Amanda Beck  

Faculty Classical Ballet
Amanda Beck   
Nathalie Caris
Laurence Korsenti 
Simona Ferrazza 
Fred Berlips 
Rinat Gizatulin   
Grigory Tchitcherine 
Ernst Meisner
Emanouela Merdjanova
Maiko Tsutsumi
Ainara Garcia Navarro
Jane Lord 
Contemporary Dance  
Amy Raymond
Lia Witjes-Pool
Marion Vijn

Grigory Tchitcherine 

World Dance  
Iva Lesic  

Creative Dance 
Lilja Hermannsdottir 

Pilates & Floor Barre  
Leila Kester 

Strenght training & Body Conditioning 
Jurgen Paulusma 

Dance History 
Anna Seidl 

Iva Lesic

Music Theory 
Han-Louis Meijer 

Study supervison and Mental Coaching  
Marion Vijn

Guest teachers / Choreographers
Caroline Iura
Anna Nowak
Didy Veldman
Amy Raymond 
Judy Maelor Thomas
David Makhateli
Jozef Varga
Dinna Bjorn 
Mara Galeazzi